Category I (Youths – aged 12 to 16)

Art Never Dies

Team: Nanz Studios

School: Sembawang Secondary School

Surya, an aspiring and upcoming social media artist, has been devoting a large amount of time into his account and has as a result, gained a small following. His social media page has the special practice of issuing one drawing every two weeks, and Surya has been keeping up with this practice thus far, receiving relatively positive responses for his art. However, his disapproving parents have a different future envisioned for him, pressing him to study more and abandon his artistic pursuits. With exams rolling in and mounting negative feedback piling up on his social media page,Surya reaches his boiling point, falling into a depressive slump. In this slump, he stops posting art altogether and not responding to the texts of his childhood friend, Aqil. He also wears goofy depressed-people clothes. Aqil, accustomed to Surya’s habits and behaviors, is worried and decides to go check on his friend. Around the same time frame, Surya gets into contact with some bad company, who market drugs to him as a cure for his depression.

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