Category I (Youths – aged 12 to 16)


Team: Kreate
School: Kent Ridge Secondary School

“CHOICE” is a compelling narrative that underscores the profound impact of an individual’s decisions. The story revolves around Tom, the central character, who grapples with the challenges stemming from academic struggles and strained familial relationships. Unexpectedly, the plot takes an intriguing turn when Tom becomes immersed in a video game realm. Here, he encounters the tempting ‘Powder X’ and faces a pivotal crossroad: the choice between ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’. Initially opting for ‘Accept’, viewers witness his emotional gauge gradually depleting in response to each situation. However, upon selecting the latter option, his emotional gauge exhibits a marked ascent.

At its core, the story imparts a significant life lesson – the repercussions of our choices reverberate into our future, underscoring the necessity for meticulous decision-making.

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