Category II (Young Adults – aged 17 to 25)


Team: The Dream Team
School: Nanyang Polytechnic

Tim, who is now working his dream job being a fashion designer, was actually once a victim of drug abuse. He was only just 8 years old when he tragically lost his parents in a car accident. Growing up, he only had his brother, It’s not a surprised that Tim was super attached to his brother and considers him the most important and only figure in his life. Years later, Tim has grown into a handsome man and he was on his way making his dream of being a successful designer come true. Life as happy and smooth sailing as this, don’t always stay that way. His beloved brother had passed away on the same day he received a promotion. Tim fell into a deep spiral and drowned in his emotions. Wanting the feeling of grief to go away, he turned to drugs as his last hope.

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