Category II (Young Adults – aged 17 to 25)

Guiding Light

Team: The Legends
School: Jurong Pioneer Junior College

“Guiding Light” unfolds the emotional journey of Kevin, a central character wrestling with personal struggles. Bullied in his school days, Kevin resorted to drugs as a method of seeking relief from his challenges. This struggle comes to life on screen as we witness him entering an alternate dimension, a serene and tranquil realm, mirroring his desire for escape and tranquility. As the story progresses, Kevin reaches a pivotal turning point. However, with his sister’s encouragement and his own moments of reflection, he takes the courageous step to break free from the grip of drugs. This powerful transformation highlights the influence that loved ones can wield in inspiring positive change. With themes of resilience and family bonds, a heartfelt message: that even in the midst of hardship, the compassion and determination of those we care about can lead us towards healing and self-discovery.

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