Category I (Youths – aged 12 to 16)

The Cost Of Choices

Team: CWSS2 [NMC+Drama]

School: Commonwealth Secondary School

In a 2-minute video titled “The Cost of Choices,” we follow Dylan, a young adult that is struggling with debts and is frustrated about his financial situation. A quick opportunity to make money appears in an online ad, he decides to take it up for the cash despite the moral implications. He ends up accepting a job as a drug transporter/trafficker due to his urge to change his financial situation. He gets stopped by a plain-clothes police officer during one of his deliveries, resulting in his arrest. He is jailed and his life falls apart. His family is suffers due to his actions. Ultimately, he meets his fate to the death punishment along with the overwhelming regret of his choice The video serves as a cautionary tale, showing how one impulsive decision driven by frustration and money can lead to a life of regret and ruin. It emphasises the importance of making responsible choices and understanding the consequences they can bring.

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