Category II (Young Adults – aged 17 to 25)

The Ghost of the Past

Team: Breaking Bad Habits

School: Jurong Pioneer Junior College

Aaron is a former drug abuser who struggled to end his addiction to drugs. Over time, he succeeded in staying away from drugs. However, one day, he felt the sudden urge to relapse, and he found his drugs in a cupboard in his room. He was hesitant to take the drugs but before he could go through his decision, he suddenly fainted due to the stress and anxiety. Aaron woke up, confused when he suddenly saw himself staring back at him. It was his past self. The past Aaron reminded the present Aaron all of the struggles that he went through to be free from drugs. Past Aaron tried to convince the present Aaron not to take the drugs after all of the struggles he went through. Aaron started to remember how proud his friends were once he got rid of his addiction. In the end, Aaron makes the choice that he does not want to take the drugs as he did not want to disappoint those who matter to him. Aaron then throws the drugs into the dustbin and vowed never to turn back to drugs ever again.

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