Category II (Young Adults – aged 17 to 25)


Team: Team Nine
School: Nanyang Polytechnic

Jayden and his brother had parents who constantly argue and it’s stressful for them. His younger brother is afraid of their parents loud arguments and hides under the desk for comfort. Jayden then enters the room after their parents are done arguing and comforts his little brother. Jayden calls his friend to talk about his situation but his friend offered another solution instead. He then meets up with a guy to get the drugs and goes home. He then tried it out as his solution out of this stressful situation at home. The next day, he comes home from school, suffering from the side effects of the drugs, he stumbles into his room. His brother then comes in to find him and he lashes out on his brother. His brother was afraid of his behaviour because it was like their parents and Jayden then realised what he has done and goes to apologise to his brother.

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