Category I (Youths – aged 12 to 16)

Two choice, one life

Team: Yipee

School: Commonwealth Secondary School

Tom failed his WA. He sits at staircase, crying. Stranger comes up to him and offers drugs. Jerry is at the library, reading a book peacefully. As she leaves the library, same stranger approaches her and offers drugs. She politely declines and hurries off. Split screen. Tom is sleeping in class. Jerry is working on her PLD. Tom is walking home slouching. Shot is desaturated. Jerry is walking home with a bright hop in her step. Shot is in colour. Tom and Jerry are walking pass each other. Jerry walks by and bumps Tom and continue walking and look surprised before turning around. She approaches Tom and taps him on the shoulder. They talk. Jerry convinces Tom to quit drugs. He agrees and Jerry extends her hand out to him. Tom takes her hand. Shot turns from desaturated to colour.

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