DrugFreeSG Video Competition 2023


Category I (Youths – aged 12 to 16)


Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Whitley Sec Sch Drama Club Team 2
Whitley Secondary School

A wayward youth succumbs to the temptations of drugs as the world around him collapsed. Nevertheless, despite being lost in the abyss of drugs, one person stood by. Andrew, his true friend remained by his side even when things fall apart. Andrew is the ray of light in his life. This short film highlights the importance of loved ones as the pillar of support for drug abusers.



Catholic High School

After missing a game winning shot in his school’s basketball game, Samuel is approached by a drug dealer. As they begin to interact, the drug dealer gradually begins to get acquainted with Samuel, fostering a friendly connection. This dealer offers a solution to all of Samuel’s challenges through the use of cannabis. At a critical juncture, Samuel is confronted with a significant choice, setting the stage for the film to explore two divergent trajectories. In one path, he receives support to pursue his aspirations, while in the other, he succumbs to drug use. The movie delineates these two contrasting journeys of Samuel.



Kent Ridge Secondary School

“CHOICE” is a compelling narrative that underscores the profound impact of an individual’s decisions. The story revolves around Tom, the central character, who grapples with the challenges stemming from academic struggles and strained familial relationships. Unexpectedly, the plot takes an intriguing turn when Tom becomes immersed in a video game realm. Here, he encounters the tempting ‘Powder X’ and faces a pivotal crossroad: the choice between ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’. Initially opting for ‘Accept’, viewers witness his emotional gauge gradually depleting in response to each situation. However, upon selecting the latter option, his emotional gauge exhibits a marked ascent.



KR DreamCasters
Kent Ridge Secondary School

CHANGE is a story that tells us about the life of a secondary school girl, Charlotte, who lost her mother. This event has taken a toll on both her and especially her father.. Charlotte’s father started drinking and it turned into an addiction. He even forgot to keep his promise to Charlotte. This eventually led to him thinking of taking drugs. However, Charlotte appeared in time to keep her father in line and stop him from taking the drugs. Even after finding him in the state, Charlotte persevered to change him. All the efforts were not in vain and eventually he came around. This also inspired Charlotte to persevere in her studies as she sees her father trying his hardest to change for her. This teaches us that no matter how hard the situation, we should always persevere and try our best to change for the better.


Lost Opportunities

Obsidian Order
Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

In the clutches of menacing bully Billy, young and vulnerable Thomas becomes entangled in drug dealing, succumbing to his own insecurities. As he delves deeper into the criminal underworld, his once bright dreams and aspirations dim. However, a crucial arrest shatters his illusions, forcing him to confront the harsh and unforgiving reality he has unwittingly embraced.

*Note that the merit awards are presented in random order





In the drug awareness video “The Choice,” the protagonist, John, faces a significant decision when offered a drug by a friend. As he contemplates his choice, the video takes us through his imaginative journey, from initial excitement to the potential negative consequences. Ultimately, John decides not to take the drug, realizing the fleeting pleasure isn’t worth the possible harm. The video underscores the importance of informed decisions and encourages viewers to reflect on their own choices, using the protagonist’s inner struggle as a cautionary tale.


Another Chance

Temasek Polytechnic

“Another Chance” is a short film that follows the life of Matthew, a dedicated food delivery rider facing financial hardships. As his bills pile up and the pressure mounts, he turns to his childhood best friend, Wei Zhao, for assistance.

Matthew’s life takes an unexpected turn when Wei Zhao proposes a risky solution to his financial woes: using drugs to stay awake, feel happier and work longer hours as a delivery rider.

Caught in a dilemma between his desperate need for money and the moral implications of such a choice, Matthew finds himself at a crossroads.


Dear Kay...

Abang Santai Productions
ITE College Central

In this emotional short film, we follow a young man’s journey as he confronts his drug addiction. In a mysterious black room, he discovers a revealing letter that explores his troubled relationship with drugs. Initially drawn in by peer pressure, he
seeks solace and escape. However, as the addiction takes its toll, he questions his choices and struggles to break free. The
film delivers a powerful message about the consequences of addiction and the importance of seeking support from loved ones to overcome life’s challenges. Ultimately, he finds hope for redemption and makes a life-changing decision to embrace a better future.



Redacted Filems
Temasek Polytechnic

In this cinematic short film, the main protagonist, Ryan, lives a depressed life of drugs while facing a cascade of life-changing events. With the demolishing effect of drugs and the feeling of hopelessness, a podcast alters his perspective and empowers him to walk into the light of change and finally be at ease away from narcotics.



Chingus Production
Temasek Poly

What does the aftermath of taking drugs look like? Her life, her dreams, are all shattered into pieces? What if she never took drugs? Everything will be normal. Her single father and her friends that has been giving their continual love and support. Don’t give up on them just because of those sudden urge to get influenced by the peer pressure.

*Note that the merit awards are presented in random order

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