Category II (Young Adults – aged 17 to 25)

Kujenga Drug Free Future Video

Team: ONCX Productions
School: Nanyang Polytechnic

Our story centers around the impact of drugs on families, using the metaphor of a Jenga game. Initially, Jenga symbolizes a joyful family bonding over the game, and building upon their relationship. Yet, this changed when the mother discovered the father’s drug-related money theft. The father’s neglect drove the family apart, paralleled by the Jenga tower’s collapse. Despite the daughter’s attempts to reach out to her father, her efforts were rebuffed. Ultimately, she comprehended that her father’s drug dependence and theft caused the family’s fracture. As the story concluded, the daughter suffered the consequences of her father’s actions and grappled with sadness about their shattered family, mirrored by the fallen Jenga blocks.

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