Category II (Young Adults – aged 17 to 25)

Breaking Free

Team: Drugbusters
School: Nanyang Polytechnic

Ever since her father left, Jayla and her mom could only be described as workaholics, barely making time for anything that is not related to work, including each other in hopes of distracting themselves from their recent loss. Unable to turn to her own mother for help, she calls up an old friend as a last resort. Little does she know that her life would be turned upside down after this one particular day. Driven by stress and impulse, Jayla was desperate to find an escape from her hectic and messy yet monotonous life. Li Min provided just that…or so she claims. It took some probing from a few other delinquents since she was initially reluctant but after some probing Jayla eventually gave in to their temptation and fell into a downward spiral of addiction, hitting a new low in life which makes her wonder: What if she could rewind time after knowing the consequences? What would she have chosen then?

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